24® Game Math Cards Set

24® Game is a Unique Math Teaching Tool With Proven Success

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Does your school-age child detest math?  Is it a daily struggle to get them to do their math homework?  Are their math grades lower than what you’d like to see?  You’re not alone.  Instead of pleading, threatening, punishing, and pushing, try a different approach -- a game!  A math game! Great for school-age children ages nine and above, the 24 Game is fun, educational, and very likely, will help your child lose that fear of math and want to learn it!!  Children are naturally attracted to games and the game environment.  They will forget it’s math at all, as they get lost in the challenge and fun of the 24 Game.  Kids who already do well in math will enjoy the game too while honing their skills even more.  It can be played as a family activity, too, allowing parents to interact with their children as they gain more confidence with numbers.

One of the best educational games you can buy

Each card features four positive numbers.  The object is to make the number 24 from the displayed numbers, using each number  only once.  The Double Digits 48 version uses double sets of numbers that make 48.  Both versions are offered together here for even more money and learning value.  The solution can be obtained by subtracting, dividing, adding or multiplying so that all of these skills are exercised in this game and the child player must get their answer to equal 24.   Each pack offers three skill levels as well -- easy, mid-level, and tough, so you can gear the game to your child’s skill level, and also, increase it as they improve.  Kids like to solve puzzles, and their self-confidence will grow as they see that they CAN solve the problems and stay in the game.  This is truly one of the best educational games you can buy!!  Around $30 for a double pack which includes both the single and double digit versions, at three skill levels in each set.   Comes with tip sheet and strategies to help you work with your child as they learn and play.

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