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No Show Socks for Men

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No-show socks were once only seen on the tennis scene and mainly only on women.  The purpose of such no-show socks was to avoid the goofy-looking tan lines left by standard ankle socks.   These socks usually featured a fluffy, brightly colored little pom-pom, situated above the heel, to help hold the sock up as the wearer dashed about the court.  Such socks had a practical purpose and weren't a fashion statement though.  Not anymore!  No show socks have become increasingly popular over the years and 3KB has their own line of no-show socks just for men!   Going without socks might be at "fashion statement"  for some, while others just don't like the feel of socks on the ankle.  Overweight people might find tight socks to be uncomfortable, and diabetics shouldn't wear any kind of constricting item as a health concern.  Some men, particularly younger ones, simply like the quasi-"preppy" look of a sock-less shoe.  Failing to wear socks, though, isn't really a good idea and shoes without socks, for some people, just feel terrible.  The feet will sweat much more which isn't good for those expensive leather/athletic shoes and this practice also creates odor problems.  The feet need the protection and breathability of socks as provided by the proper blend of natural and synthetic fibers.  3KB offers the "look" of a sock-less shoe but in reality, the wearer has all the benefits of a sock!  3KB has blended cotton and polyester perfectly and added just a touch of spandex for perfect stretchability and divine comfort.  These low-rise socks won't show above the shoe line.  They feature a gripped heel, which provides extra cushioning comfort.  Variety of neutral colors.  Easy care... just toss in cold-water wash!

Buy now at Amazon.com

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