Anpro Huge Colorful Kite

Put Down the Tablets and Pick Up a Colorful Kite

Kids today are involved with too much pre-made and ready-made entertainment, most of which requires little physical activity, leading to a sharp rise in childhood obesity. Children who become very overweight while young usually struggle with weight problems their entire lives. Physical activity such as running and jumping are essential to proper physical and emotional development. Sunshine helps to form vitamin D on the skin, too. Also, kids today often have an expectation that the adults around them will entertain them, rather than finding their own ways of having fun through creative play both alone and with other kids. Electronic toys have their place and many offer lots of educational learning, but they don’t allow for physical activity or parent-child interaction.

Kite-flying is an age-old form of fun and exercise, requiring both skill, to get the kite aloft, and physical activity. It’s lots of fun and a real thrill to feel the wind take the kite from one’s hand, with surprising force, and pull it quickly up, up, up, while being held and controlled by a string rolled around a stick from the ground. It’s something that kids and adults can do together in the great outdoors -- anywhere there’s sufficient open space to run far enough and fast enough to get the kite off the ground is a great place to fly a kite. An empty stretch of beach and open fields are good examples.

Kites can even be made by hand, but this requires great skill and time. It’s much easier just to buy one, and the wildly colorful arrow-shaped Anpro kite is a great kite to fly. It’s a beautiful array of rainbow colors and sports a long, fringed, glorious tail. It’s easy to assemble and to hold and control from the ground, and it looks great in the sky, grandly sailing alongside the clouds. Or it seems to. It doesn’t really fly that high, but kids like to imagine that it does. At less than $13, it’s affordable for nearly any budget, and can be used again and again. It even has its own little carrying pouch. Unlike the paper kites of yesterday, which rarely made it through more than one flight because they usually tore, the Anpro Huge Colorful Kite is made of polyester and fiberglass. It’s tough and made to be both light and durable.

Kids and adults will have fun putting it together, and since it comes with a tail, there’s no more guesswork like there was with kites of old, which usually didn’t come with a tail. One had to be made of a strip of some kind of cloth, and it took considerable skill to get it just right. A kite won’t fly well without a proper tail. It will bob and dip and often, crash to the ground. The Anpro is quickly and easily assembled, and then the fun (and learning) begins. It’s not so easy to get a kite to fly, and kids learn patience as they run as fast as they can, holding the kite at the correct angle so the wind can catch it and send it upwards. Of course, kite-flying requires the use of common sense. Teach kids to stay far away from electrical wires and only select areas with lots of wide open space, with no trees, rocks, boulders, vehicles, etc. Never fly a kite if any kind of electrical storm or lightning is expected. Teach kids these basic safety rules and also teach them never to attempt to free an entangled kite without adult assistance. Younger children should always be supervised when flying a kite.

Get an Anpro kite, and your kids, and have some old-fashioned, real fun together. It’s something new your kids have likely never done, and you will get to relive some childhood memories of your own.

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