BeBe Bartoons Novelty Lip Balms

BeBeBartoons Lip Balm Panda with Bubblegum Ice Cream Flavor

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Kid-Safe, Natural Ingredients -- Flavored Lip Balms in Adorable Animal Character Containers

The adorable panda holds bubblegum ice cream lip balm, and the cute, chubby pink piggy, candy apple.  These children’s animal character lip balms are charming.  No little girl could resist them!  Each comes with TWO refills, and all animal characters and flavors are refillable and interchangeable.   There’s a fanciful unicorn holding birthday cake flavored lip balm, a ladybug with pink lemonade, and a smiling, plump baby elephant with berry.  Characters and flavors are varied over time; some are offered as a limited edition.  Two new characters are introduced each season.  The balms are convex pot-style, with a heart stamped on each.

Refillable and Reusable as a Container for Small Items!   Great Value!  Lip-Healthy Ingredients!

Once the balms are used, they can either be replaced  with a refill of the same or different flavor, or else, used to hold small treasures.  The lip balm itself has been very carefully formulated and contains lip-healthy ingredients such as aloe butter and vitamin E.  100% kid-safe. There are no harsh chemicals, no mineral oil (petroleum products such as mineral oil and petroleum jelly can actually cause the lips to become more dry over time,)  and it’s PABA-free.  Although a natural substance commonly used in sunscreens, PABA has a rather high allergy profile and is best avoided in children’s products.  My niece loves her unicorn with the birthday cake flavor lip balm!  The balm is very smooth, and it smells great!   Any little girl would squeal with pure delight over these creative little animal balms.   Around $8.  From top seller InPrimeTIme;    Free shipping.

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