Cadet Duck Dog Treats

Of course I want to give my little mixed terrier, Fancy, treats! She’s a wonderful dog -- a great companion and watchdog. I feel much safer with her around. She may not be very big but she’s still a good watchdog. She asks for very little and gives so much… I want to be able to reward her. But at the same time, I am concerned about additives such as preservatives and colorings. Dogs are essentially color-blind or at least, cannot see the wide range of vibrant colors that people can. So why are some dog treats and foods in the form of brightly colored, whimsical shapes? Certainly not for the dog’s benefit. If permitted to, they would eat a raw rabbit without salt! And what about the recent controversy over other additives such as the seaweed derivative carrageenan, a common ingredient in pet foods and treats? I don’t want to give Fancy any kind of treat that may not be good for her or may even harm her. No pet parent wants that.

Premium Duck Breast Dog Treats, Four Simple Ingredients!

Fancy loves any kind of fowl but she especially adores duck. In my quest for a healthy treat for her I discovered these duck breast dog treats by Cadet. They contain exactly four ingredients, the first of which is breast of duck. Along with a small amount of salt, they also contain glycerin, a softening agent of vegetable origin, and soy protein isolate, a source of protein derived from soybeans. No chemical preservatives and no colorings -- nothing else! Basically just thick strips of duck. I really haven’t found another product that is quite the same. It’s like duck jerky for dogs. I feel good about giving this to Fancy, and she LOVES them. The strips can also be broken into tiny pieces for training purposes. Cadet Duck Dog Treats come in a generous 28-ounce size, in a resealable bag that keeps the treats fresh. They also come in a much larger size of 2.5 pounds. The price, about $20 for the smaller size, is fair and a real bargain considering the product’s quality.

I’d highly recommend all dog owners to try this product. Your dog will love it, and you can feel good about giving it to them too!

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