Luxitude Precision Men's Groomer, Beard Trimmer and Shaver

A Modern Beard Trimmer With Sleek Carbon Fiber Finish

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Men's grooming tools often disappoint. They're low on power, don't respond and manipulate well, and the blades -- well, the blades aren't made to last and stay sharp.  They're dull in no time, and sharp blades are  key to an efficient grooming tool. The Luxitude beard trimmer isn't just another men's shaver. Its  sleek carbon fiber style not only looks great, but it fits perfectly in the hand, allowing for truly precision grooming, even at home! The groomer features 4 clipper attachments to get that perfect trim length every time. It also comes with its own docking port, wall charger and a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable. There's plenty of power, and the stainless steel blades STAY sharp for easy and precise shaves and trims! The carrying case, also included, holds not only the shaving unit but also all the attachments so nothing ever gets lost, even while traveling.   Cordless.  Fashionable carbon fiber finish.

Luxitude Men's Shaver and Beard Trimmer Kit

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