Outer Trails Pocket Picnic Mat Blanket

A Portable Pocket Blanket with Carrying Case and Carabiner Clip

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You love the outdoors but when you're ready to rest and eat, you want a clean, comfortable area to relax in, right?   Not just the cold, dirty ground, with sharp twigs and such,  and the bugs and creepy-crawlies that come with it.  Of course, so Outer Trails has the perfect item for you.  It's the Pocket Picnic Blanket Mat!  Unfolded, it seats 4 adults with no problem, and when no longer needed, it folds up into a square that nearly fits in your hand.  Comes with its own carrying case.   Waterproof and puncture resistant, lightweight and soft -- easy to toss in a backpack, knapsack or carryall.  Keep one in the car, too!  It's great for concerts, picnics,  camping, hiking, the beach --  it has -tons of uses.  It can be used as a blanket, too,  say at a sports event or other outdoor activity.   It's the only pocket blanket/mat that comes with its own carabiner so it can be easily and securely clipped onto a belt or pack.   Measures 5 feet by 4 feet and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy now at Amazon.com outer trails pocket blanket

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