Parents, No More Nightly Struggle to Get Your Kids into the Bath!!

Moms, this is a great invention! It used to be a struggle to get my little boys, four and five, in the bath every night.   Not anymore!  Not with this pretend shaving kit by Alex toys.  Shaving in the Tub comes with real foaming body soap, a pretend plastic razor,  child-safe unbreakable mirror,  a shaving brush and a comb.  I also gave them an old plastic cup to use with the foaming bath soap.  They have also learned that men once used a cup, a brush, and bar soap to shave and that shaving cream didn't always exist.  They like to make up games about that, too, pretending they lived years ago. Now they tell ME it's bath time! My kids love taking turns pretending to shave just like Daddy.  This is the one of the best children’s bath toys on the market.   Now my kids want to take a bath and it’s so much easier on me.   It's also fun to watch them make up game after game, since I must supervise them and can't leave them alone in the bath.

All Child-Safe Pieces! Promotes imaginative play, creates childhood memories too!

They make up games such as "Barber Shop" where they pretend to be customers, giving each other "haircuts" and "shaves" with the child-safe pretend implements in the set.  They laugh uproariously at their new 'do's as they use the foaming soap to create silly hairstyles on each other.  It definitely promotes a brother bond and I'm sure in years to come, they will remember fondly their fun in the tub with this play shaving kit.  On the nights when Daddy has bath duty, I have to smile as I hear shrieks of laughter coming from the bathroom and I know the boys are "shaving" Daddy.  Wonderful childhood memories!!  I am very glad I discovered this item.  It’s an imaginative and effective way to get kids in the bath and it also allows them to role-play.

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