Swimways Sea Squirts Dog Life Jackets

Poolside style and safety for dogs

Dog owners and dog lovers, this product is adorable!! It’s basically a life jacket for dogs, but wait -- it has a shark fin attached too!! Yes of course, dogs can swim by instinct, but puppies and older dogs may tire easily and in that case, the water can become dangerous for them. Very small dogs such as yorkies and chihuahuas, and also bulldogs, sometimes have trouble swimming, especially for long periods. Dogs on watercraft should also wear a flotation device for their own safety. Kids too. They could fall from the craft and perhaps be injured in the process, and the life jacket would allow them to remain afloat until they could be rescued. The bright blue color assures that the dog would be spotted quickly in the event of an emergency.

A fun, full-body dog flotation device

The Swimways Sea Squirts Doggie Jacket is a full-body flotation device that supports the dog’s entire body. It comes in two sizes to fit dogs 10 pounds up to 50 pounds. It has a handle and also a metal ring so a leash may be attached. It also serves as a harness when around the water but not in it. The dorsal shark fin, besides being a great conversation piece and attention-getter, also allows the owner to guide the dog in the water. The dog can also enjoy the water, whether in the ocean or pool, without becoming overtired from constant swimming. Even a dog bred for the water can become tired, and all pet parents want their pet to be safe. Kids will enjoy playing in the water with their “dog-shark” best friend.

At around $25 the Swimways Sea Squirts Doggie Jacket is comparable to ordinary flotation devices sold in pet stores and elsewhere. It’s made of a sturdy fabric that will last a long time. My little terrier mix had to always be watched closely while in the water. She can swim fine, but I always worried about her becoming too tired. After all, they can’t tell us when they need a break. Now I put her in her Sea Squirts life jacket, and she can play in the water with the kids without any danger of becoming too tired. And I don’t have to watch her every minute either. She can just float and rest if she needs to. She has another life jacket that I bought for her some time ago, but that one is just boring now! She always wears her Sea Squirts Doggie Jacket now and it lasted all last summer, and it’s still in great shape for the coming summer to be used all over again! Just rinse the chlorinated pool water or salt water off the jacket with the hose and hang to drip dry.

Let your dog make a water fashion statement next time you take him or her to swim with you!!

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