24 Game Multiply/Divide 1,2,3 Dot Math Card Game


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Likely one of the world's best addictive math-games that's fun for the whole family!

The premise is easy: Get the numbers on the card to equal 24. Oh...You need to use each number on the card, and use each one only once.

Flash cards have been taken to a new level, so let the family math races begin!

Product Description

"24 Game" Primer Multiply/Divide 1,2,3 Dot Math Learning Card Game

The 24 game is the math game with simple and easy rules, but we guarantee the challengers will not grow old of this fast-paced Math Skills card game. Fun for young learners and grown ups alike, you can brush up your math skills and speed or just practice learning the basics of mental math.


  • 48 Cards (double sided cards mean you get 96 different combinations)
  • Double Sided Cards measure 4 x 4 inches
  • Proven popular with kids and adults
  • Over 1 million sold!!
  • Used in more than 100,000 classrooms
  • Builds strong mental-mathematics and problem-solving skills
  • Sharpens concentration
  • One or more players, great for travel
  • Made in the USA!

24 Game Cards have a self-check feature (the correct answer is on the reverse) and offer three levels of difficulty. The easiest level is1 Dot. These game cards start with two numbers on each wheel; more challenging math enters in 2 and 3 Dot cards which have three numbers per wheel. 1 Dot and 2 Dot cards will try to equal 3 through 10. The winning number for 3 Dot cards is always 24.