24 Game Two Pack:48 Single Digit Cards & 48 Double Digits Math Game


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Single and Double Digit Value Pack! Get students to work on their mental math skills and lose that fear of math while practicing until they achieve fluency and recognize multiple ways to solve problems! Players have one goal: to make the number 24 from four numbers on a game card by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing- using each number only once. Single and Double Digits cards incorporate positive numbers only. Both sets of cards offer three levels of difficulty coded by dots: "1 Dot" cards are easy, "2 Dot" cards are at a mid-difficulty level and "3 Dot" cards are tough. Game cards are 4" x 4" and double-sided. 48 cards. Ages 9 & up. Comes with Exclusive tips sheet with tips and strategies to get you solving cards quickly!